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Custom, High-End Public Aquatic Habitats

If you’re looking to install a custom, premium-quality public aquarium in Nassau or Suffolk County, you’ve come to the right place! As Long Island’s premier aquatic design, installation, and maintenance company, we specialize in public aquarium design, installation, and maintenance. Our team of talented artisans and craftsmen has the knowledge, experience, and passion that you can count on to take your marine habitat to the next level. Freshwater, saltwater, or reef; we can design, build, install, and maintain any type of water environment for your public space.


In aquariums, zoos, museums, hotels, and any other public space, Fluid Dynamics International can create a dazzling, awe-inspiring display that will be sure to grab attention, create engagement, allow for hands-on-learning, and offer an experience that will be sure to delight visitors. From interactive touch tanks to whole-wall, floor-to-ceiling displays, no matter the shape, size, or purpose, we can bring your vision to life.

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Seven Decades of Experience

Fluid Dynamics International is backed by more than 70 years of combined experience in the aquatic industry. We’re truly passionate about sharing the wonderment and beauty of the underwater world, and that passion is evident in our work. We provide the highest level of professionalism and we design and build fully custom public aquariums using the most durable, premium-quality materials, and the most cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technologies. We can find rare, difficult-to-locate, ethically-sourced marine life, too.

Our highly skilled artisans and professionally trained technicians take great pride in developing the most stunning public aquariums. They’ll work with you every step of the way and will create a truly one-of-a-kind display that we’re confident will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Why We’re The Best Choice

Fluid Dynamics International has had the honor and privilege of working with countless prominent clients throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Over the years that we have been in business, we have established ourselves as one of the most trusted sources in the aquatic design, installation, and maintenance industry. In fact, our services have become so highly regarded and our results are so impressive that we have become one of the most sought-after aquarium specialists in the world; an accomplishment that we are truly proud of. When we say we’re passionate about what we do, we truly mean it. We bring that passion to each and every project we work on, and it really shows. We really enjoy working with our clients and bringing their visions to life. Our underwater creations are really impactful and “wow” everyone who experiences their color, motion, intricacy, and beauty. To learn more about our services and to discuss the public aquarium idea that you have in mind, reach out to us to schedule a complimentary consultation today!


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Stunning Displays

Our public aquariums are truly unique. Our talented artisans are known for creating attention-grabbing aquatic habitats that leave lasting impressions on all who experience them.

Trusted Experts

Our high-end firm is the first company that Long Islanders call when they’re in need of any kind of aquarium design, installation, or maintenance service, including public aquatic habitats. Chances are that you’ve encountered our aquarium designs in several public settings on Long Island.

A Track Record of Excellence

We have had the honor and privilege of working with countless satisfied clients, not only throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties – but across the world. Our staff of talented designers brings their passion for marine life and aquatic habitats to each and every project we work on.