Fluid Dynamics International Custom Aquatic Habitats Are A Sight To Behold

We Offer Expertise In All Aspects of Design and Installation

Fluid Dynamics International builds fully customized, high quality aquatic systems that are ethically sourced and visually stunning. We offer a wide variety of water environments and aquarium services, available for commercial and residential display. Fluid Dynamics International is backed by more than 70 years of combined industry experience so you can expect to receive the best quality.

We Are Proud To Offer 7 Decades of Combined Aquatic Experience

This experience is what sets us apart from all others. Our team is full of aquatic experts that are well-known for creating the most unique custom aquatic displays, for numerous different prominent clients. The aquarium design services we provide are sought after by sea-life enthusiasts all over the globe.

The Fluid Dynamics International staff has consulted and worked on outside the box aquarium projects for major movies, state-of-the-art lab facilities, retail and so much more. Our experts are available to work on your projects and are standing by to answer all your aquarium-related questions.

Our Genuine Passion For The Aquatic Industry Is Evident In Our Work

As a high-end aquarium firm based out of New York, Fluid Dynamics International specializes in the custom design, installation, and maintenance of exquisite aquatic displays. We are proud of the stunning displays of nature that we create, and we offer the utmost in dedication when it comes to producing aquatic habitats for our clients' various applications.

Custom Built and Designed Aquatic Habitats From Professional Artisans and Craftsmen

We’ve worked on projects for clients with a wide range of preferences. Whether it’s a small sea life display for your home or interactive exhibits, a touch tank or a million-gallon aquarium displaying larger sea creatures, we have the tools and skills to get the job done – fast!

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Jellyfish water

Unique Residential and Commercial Aquariums Like No Others In Your Community

Every client provides us with a vision of what they want their customer aquatic habitat to resemble. The artisans at Fluid Dynamics International will take that vision and create a profound masterpiece. From small home aquarium displays to oversized public aquarium systems, there’s nothing we cannot design, create and install. Our custom aquatic habitats are in a class by themselves.

We offer professional consulting services to a variety of industries. That means, you dream it and we can design and build it. The Fluid Dynamics International expert team and network offers each client an extensive knowledge of everything aquatic from building full aquaculture and aquatic research laboratories to television and movie sets, public aquariums, and even retail establishments.

We Proudly Share Our Perspective On The Captive Breeding of Rare Fishes

The Fluid Dynamics International team views aquaculture as the industry’s bright light of the future. This includes the ability to breed marine and other aquatic species in captivity, a necessary endeavor in today's aquatic world. This will make the aquatic industry and fisheries more sustainable and make room for exciting new opportunities for various types of research applications.

Fluid Dynamics International will continue working to expand our network of like-minded institutions - profit and nonprofit organizations - looking to advance this effort.

Contact Us to Schedule Your Consultation Today To Discuss Custom Aquatic Habitats

With 70 years of combined experience in the development of all types of custom aquatic habitats in residential and commercial environments, we are the highly trusted experts that continually exceed our clients’ expectations.

We specialize in the custom design, installation, maintenance, and helping to get an aquarium opened. Remember, the team at Fluid Dynamics International can source rare and hard to find species from all over the world.

Contact us to set up your consultation and quote today, and let our talented staff of artisans and technicians get started on creating your dramatic and awe-inspiring custom display. With our immense design creativity and innovative aquarium installation service expertise, we look forward to making your custom aquatic habitats a reality.