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Our staff of artisans and technicians can create awe-inspiring displays from very natural to very artistic and custom. Our expertise in all aspects of system design and installation can accomplish anything for you.
Our team of collectors gives us the ability to ethically source rare and hard-to-find species from all over the world, quickly. All Livestock is handled with care throughout its journey to your display, ensuring overall health and longevity.

We’ve provided animals and equipment for major motion pictures and television. We guarantee the proper treatment and well being of our animals while on set. Just need some questions answered about a specific species or guidance on how to make your idea work? Need something custom built to suit your needs? We can help with all of that!

Our network of highly skilled builders and biologists have vast experience building large and small public aquariums all over the world. From designing proper LSS systems, new displays or entire building layout to forming various protocols and logistics, we have you covered. We can even aid in sourcing aquatic species from anywhere in the world.

Our expert staff and network has extensive knowledge in everything from building full aquaculture/aquatic research labs to television and movies, public aquariums, and even retail.

Looking to build a new and efficient lab or upgrade an existing one? Are you having issues with your aquaculture program and just need some guidance? Our network is capable of all aspects of designing a clean and high functioning lab to fit your needs.

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