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Our professional team is committed to delivering the highest quality aquatic animals and displays for our clients is what sets us apart.


"Fluid Dynamics' Expertise Far-surpasses All Other Aquarium Shops Near Me"

The Premier Fish Store on Long Island

Fluid Dynamics Int.’s Aquarium Store on Long Island: the #1 Choice for Long Island Aquarium Services, Maintenance, Installation, and Design.

With over 70 years of combined experience, Fluid Dynamics has a history of exceeding the the competition. Our closeness to the Long Island aquacultural community is why our fish store provides the best aquarium services Long Island, time after time.

Bring life to your space, with aquatic displays from the best aquarium builders on the planet. Our top-rated store is the pinnacle of quality aquarium: shops near me that offer some of the most-sought-after fish, choose us!

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Our Services

Long Island Aquarium Design and Installation

From residential to public, all of our long island aquarium services and aquatic displays are meticulously crafted to ensure they exceed your expectations.

Having spent countless hours over the years perfecting our fish tank and aquarium construction techniques, we’ve far surpassed our competition of aquarium shops near me.

Our world-renowned experts are always available to assist aquatic pet owners in building and maintaining their aquariums.

For more information about our aquarium installation and design services, call us at 631-208-5302.

Custom Office Aquarium design

Public Aquatic Habitats

Our talented artisans and craftsmen has the knowledge & experience that you can count on to take your marine habitat to the next level

Custom Aquatic Habitats

Your aquatic habitat will have a lasting impact, regardless of whether you are a residential or commercial client.

Aquarium Maintenance

Whatever the type of aquarium habitat, freshwater or saltwater, plant life or decorative elements, we have everything you need!

We Are Experts


Make your home or office stand out with a statement piece. Rather than settling for a mass-produced, store-bought tank, consider a custom aquarium from Fluid Dynamics International. We provide a team of talented and experienced professionals to design, build, and install your aquarium according to your specifications. Providing a wide range of water environments, aquarium services, and designs is what we do


The beauty of nature can be considered some of the best art on earth

Depending on the size and location of your aquarium, pricing may vary

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It’s a hobby that can last you a lifetime

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