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Fluid Dynamics Int.’s Deer Park Aquarium Store, the #1 Choice for Long island Aquarium Maintenance, Installation, and Design.

With over 70 years of combined experience, Fluid Dynamics Int.’s aquarium store provides the best aquarium services on Long Island.

If you’re looking for a tropical fish store near you that’s ethically expanding the aquaculture industry, choose us! We offer some of the most-sought-after fish on the planet.

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Fluid Dynamics Creates Beautiful Aquatic Environments for Your
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From residential to public, all of our aquarium supplies, maintenance services, and aquatic displays are meticulously crafted to ensure they exceed your expectations.

Having spent countless hours over the years perfecting our fish tank and aquarium construction techniques, we’ve far surpassed our competition.

Our world-renowned aquarium shop near you is always available to assist aquarium owners in building and maintaining your aquariums.

For more information about our aquarium installation and design services, call us at 631-208-5302.

The staff of artisans and technicians at the Fluid Dynamics International aquarium shop near you create awe-inspiring custom aquariums, for clients of all shapes and sizes. 

From the very natural freshwater aquarium, to the most artistic live-plant reef tank, we get the job done right guaranteed.

Exclusive Golden Cuban Basslet Dealers

The Embargoed Gramma dejongi

Gramma dejongi, one of those rare coral reef species that holds near-mythic status.

It was only first described in 2010. Hailing from Cuba, it’s a species that US-based aquarium shops once knew only through videos. Multiple authors have fawned over this coveted beauty.

The US trade embargo of Cuba once meant this species was squarely off-limits. But, thanks to the exceptional work by the Fluid Dynamics team, it’s been made available exclusively to our long island aquarium store.

Although, now, with a reported 4-figure price tag, one could argue it isn’t exactly an accessible species for most other aquarium shops near you in Nassau or Suffolk County.

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