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Fluid Dynamics International’s staff of experts creates fully customized and unique aquatic displays for a variety of clients. Our robust capabilities mean we can build any aquatic system from public aquariums to private residences. From aquariums to water features, every system is given the necessary attention to make sure they exceed expectations. Fluid Dynamics Intl. is dedicated to the ethical and responsible sourcing of species with a focus on expanding the current aquaculture market.

Our staff is also available for and has consulted/ worked on everything from major movies to state-of-the-art lab facilities to retail. Our experts can help with any questions you may have. Servicing, maintaining, and building custom aquariums, in all of Suffolk County and Nassau County areas. 

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Exclusive Cuban basslet, gramma dejongi dealers

Breeding the Embargoed Cuban Basslet, Gramma dejongi.

Gramma dejongi is one of those rare coral reef species that holds near-mythic status. Only described in 2010, and hailing from Cuba, it’s a species that US-based aquarists have known only through a stream of videos and photos as multiple aquarium authors fawned over this coveted and forbidden beauty.

The US trade embargo of Cuba has meant this species is squarely off-limits, although with a reported 4-figure price tag, one could argue it isn’t exactly an accessible species for aquarists in the rest of the world either.

New York, U.S.A 631-208-5302

New York, U.S.A 631-208-5302

Aquarium Services

Our staff of artisans and technicians can create awe inspiring displays from very natural to very artistic and custom.
We’ve provided animals and equipment for major motion pictures and television. We guarantee the proper treatment and well being of our animals while on set.
Our network of highly skilled builders and biologists have vast experience building large and small public aquariums all over the world.

Our expert staff and network has extensive knowledge in everything from building full aquaculture/aquatic research labs to television and movies, public aquariums, and even retail.

Our network is capable of all aspects of designing a clean and high functioning lab to fit your needs.