Fluid Dynamics International Designs And Builds Custom Aquatic Systems For Film And Television Sets


The Fluid Dynamics experienced professionals and network offer clients and extensive aquatic knowledge for public aquariums, film and television sets, residential, commercial, retail and aquaculture/aquatic research labs.


Guaranteed Proper Treatment of Animals on Film and Television Sets

If you are interested in an aquatic display designed and built for your film, television, or commercial advertisement set, the professionals at Fluid Dynamics International can help. In addition to design and installation, we specialize in providing care to each aquatic animal required on a film and television location.
We ensure the proper handling and treatment of all sea animals on set. Contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you have about having aquatic displays featured on your motion pictures film and television set.

Our professional consultants will work with you to organize every detail of your custom aquarium at the location of your filming. We’ll listen to your vision and get to work on designing, building, and installing the elements to complete your aquatic project.

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Why Choose Fluid Dynamics International?

With 7 decades of combined experience in aquarium design, building, and installation, Fluid Dynamics International is considered top notch when it comes to the construction of state-of-the-art and unique aquariums. Based out of New York, we are a high-end aquarium firm known for our aquatic masterpieces. Our stunning displays of nature turn heads and continually impress our clients. We fully customize, high quality aquatic systems that are ethically sourced and visually stunning.

We Create Living Works Of Aquatic Art.

The Fluid Dynamics artisans and craftsmen take your abstract vision and magically turn it into a custom design that is all your own. Highly trained techs will create your masterpiece with a dramatic display of living things. Whether you’re interested in a small sea life display for your residence, interactive exhibits for public places like zoos and aquariums, a touch tank or a million-gallon marine aquarium displaying larger sea creatures, we can handle it all.

We Take Great Pride In Ethically Sourced Aquarium Animals

If you’re interested in rare, hard to find species, look no further; the experts at Fluid Dynamics International are highly experienced in this area. We carefully and ethically source rare species and tropical fish worldwide. Thus, all livestock we source is properly handled with care throughout the long or short journey to your residential, commercial, or public aquarium. This ensures overall health and longevity of every animal that is sourced.

Our Aquarium Projects Are Masterpieces In Residential, Commercial, Or Public Locations

Our artisans are creative, imaginative and continue to impress clients. We ask you for your vision and project goals and take your dream aquarium to another level. Whether you are looking for a small aquarium to display in your living room or looking for a large, marine mammal display to keep visitors amused in your office waiting room, we will provide the same outstanding effort and creativity to make your dream a reality.

Fluid Dynamics international also designs, builds, and installs oversized aquatic displays for public aquarium systems. Our creations are a sight to behold, a true artistic vision.

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Our Experience Sets Us Apart From The Competition

Seventy years of combined experience puts us at a level above others. You can expect greatness from our aquatic experts who continually impress clients by creating unique custom aquariums.
The Fluid Dynamics International staff is proud to provide exemplary service and the most artistic aquarium projects in homes, offices, businesses, retail and other public places, or an aquarium anywhere in the United States.
We work in all parts of the country from a California public place on the west coast to a Georgia aquarium in the east. This includes providing our impressive aquatic work with the film and television industry.


You create an aquarium vision. Our artisans will design it. Our craftsman will build and install it. We will fill it with ethically sourced animals. Our artisans and experts are happy to answer all your aquarium-related questions. We look forward to creating each custom aquatic habitat whether residential, commercial, or public environments.

The experts at Fluid Dynamics International are considered trusted experts who exceed the expectations of clients. Our goal is not to create just an aquarium but instead a living piece of artwork.

We are true specialists in design, installation, maintenance, and we always look forward to assisting in getting a marine aquarium opened. The team at Fluid Dynamics International are proud to ethically source rare and hard to find species from all over the world.