Fully Custom Aquatic Systems And Aquaculture / Aquatic Research Labs

Decades of Expertise Plus a Team of Talented Artisan and Skilled Craftsmen

Fluid Dynamics International brings more than 70 years of combined experience in the aquatics industry to every project worked on. Our staff of artisans and technicians provide the utmost in creativity and impeccable craftsmanship with each project. Working diligently is how we became a leader in the aquatic custom design industry.
If you are looking to build a new and efficient aquatic research lab or make modifications to upgrade an existing laboratory, look no further. We can assist you with any issues that you are experiencing with your aquaculture program. Our highly experienced expert team of professionals can offer you guidance, advice, and consultations. Our professional industry network can handle all aspects of designing a clean and high functioning lab.
Our comprehensive team of aquatic professionals deliver innovative custom work, paying close attention to every detail of your water feature. Our passion goes beyond the design and to the health of each aquatic animal sourced for each display.

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Our Eye-Catching Public Aquariums Will Attract Attention From Local Visitors And Tourists

We handle all phases of aquatic displays from designing proper LSS systems, to creating new displays, full building layouts, in addition to forming various protocols and logistics to have your aquarium continually run efficiently. Our team delights in creating high-performance aquariums, both large and small throughout the United States. We can also assist with sourcing rare and hard to locate aquatic species.

Professional Consulting Services To Many Industries

Fluid Dynamics International consults with industries like aquaculture/aquatic research labs, aquarium builders, and fish stores on Long Island. We provide all clients with a custom, high-quality aquatic system. Our team is passionate about working on a variety of aquarium projects, creating exciting water features whether a residential, commercial or public aquarium.

Fluid Dynamics International Ethically Sources Rare And Hard To Find Species

We take full responsibility regarding the health and well-being of all marine mammals we source for your aquarium. It is a leading priority among the entire Fluid Dynamics International team. The highly professional collectors carefully and ethically source tropical fish and rare, hard to find species from all over the world. The aquatic livestock is always handled with care and compassion until it reaches your aquarium.

Whether you are looking to set up a small sea life display or exciting interactive exhibits, a hands-on touch tank, or a monumental million-gallon aquarium that houses larger sea creatures, sea turtles, adorable sea lions, a moray eel, and even a beautiful whale shark, we are standing by and ready to assist you with your aquatic project.

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We Offer The Highly Sought After Gramma Dejongi Species

Gramma Dejongi is a rare and beautiful coral reef species from Cuba that features spectacular colors. This intriguing species holds a near-mythic status and has only been talked about for approximately twelve years. Most aquarists in the United States have only seen this rare beauty through videos and photos. Gramma Dejongi is considered a coveted and forbidden species because of the United States trade embargo with Cuba that makes it mostly off-limits due to a reported 4-figure price tag. This species would no doubt make an impressive addition to any aquarium.


Our industry expertise allows us to create innovative new research labs and provide exciting and more efficient upgrades to existing laboratories. Our ability to assist any organization that is currently experiencing issues with their aquaculture program is what makes Fluid Dynamics International a special team to work for.

We immensely enjoy providing aquatic advice and feedback to non-profit or profit organizations. We can design, build, and install your aquaculture/aquatic research labs to ensure efficient and ongoing aquatic research.​

We are happy to assist with anything to get a new aquarium opened and shared with others. Contact us today to learn more about our fully custom aquariums, consulting services, or assistance with aquaculture/aquatic research labs.