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Are you considering building a custom aquarium? Our expert aquatic staff and network provides professional consulting services with extensive knowledge in everything from the concept stage and aquarium design services to building, aquarium installation services, sourcing, aquarium maintenance services, and more. Share your vision with us, and we will provide honest feedback, professional advice and validate feasibility of your aquarium project.

Helping Clients Gain Clarity

Fluid Dynamics International provides clients with custom, high quality aquatic systems. We are experienced professionals that work with clients from around the country. Our team of experts cleverly transport a concept to the design stage and beyond.
The team is passionate about their aquarium projects, creating any water environment whether a public aquarium, residential, or commercial space. Fluid Dynamics International thoroughly enjoys offering their professional consulting services to a variety of industries.
We offer consulting services for the following:

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Talented Artisans Design Dazzling Aquatic Displays

Our creative artisans will take your initial concept and vision and create a tropical water environment of the highest standard. We deliver innovative custom design based on our experience and we always pay close attention to every detail of your ecosystem. The Fluid Dynamics International team is made up of a talented ensemble of aquatic professionals who each possess an immense passion for aquatic design in addition to the health of the aquarium animals.

Aquatic Industry Leader With Seven Decades Of Combined Expertise

Fluid Dynamics International is backed by more than 70 years of combined experience in the aquatics industry. Our staff of artisans and technicians provide immense creativity and impeccable craftsmanship to every aquarium project. We take pride in offering the highest quality of sea animals with great care for their well-being and longevity. It’s just some of the extras that come with our many years of experience. We work hard to be considered a leader in the aquatic industry. Our comprehensive team of aquatic experts strive hard to produce unique custom aquariums.

A Full Team Of Passionate Aquarium Experts Design And Build Fully Customized, High Quality Aquatic Systems

With many years of aquatic experience and a winning reputation among clients, Fluid Dynamics International is recognized as a leading, high-end aquarium firm based out of New York. Among our many specializations are custom aquatic design and high-tech building and installation of stunning residential, commercial, or public aquariums. We provide breathtaking aquariums around the country that can be referred to as majestic pieces of aquatic art.

Our obsessive passion and dedication are the same whether we are creating a small home aquarium or a large, oversized marine aquarium for a public location. From outrageous designs to eye-catching arrays of water species and marine animals, each aquarium we create is a showstopper of a water environment. Our team takes pride in providing ethical, responsible sourcing of aquarium occupants regarding the changing and growing aquaculture market.

One of the most beautiful things
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Your Aquarium Vision Plus Our Design Equals A Stunning Work Of Art

The team at Fluid Dynamics International enjoys seeing what each client envisions for their aquarium. Then, our skilled artisans create a custom, state of the art design based on that vision. Our goal is to create a water environment that is visually stimulating and makes a powerful statement to all who get to see the completed masterpiece. From small home aquariums to oversized public aquariums, Fluid Dynamics International takes pride in the design, creation, installation, and maintenance of every aquarium project.

We Are Exclusive Gramma Dejongi Dealers

Gramma Dejongi is a rare and beautiful coral reef species from Cuba that holds a near-mythic status. This intriguing species has only been described for the past twelve years. In fact, aquarists in this country have only been made aware of this rare beauty through videos and photos. Gramma Dejongi is a coveted and forbidden species because the United States trade embargo with Cuba makes it off-limits due to a reported 4-figure price tag.
If you are interested in this beautiful species, Fluid Dynamics International can acquire these and others:

As exclusive dealers for this rare species and other hard to locate aquatic animal species from around the world, we are happy to answer any questions and help you source your future aquarium animals.


With 70 years of combined experience in the development of all types of custom aquatic habitats in residential and commercial environments, we are the highly trusted experts that continually exceed our clients’ expectations.

Schedule your consultation and quote today. Our talented staff look forward to creating your dramatic and awe-inspiring residential display or custom aquatic public aquarium.