Creating Dazzling Aquatic Displays For Public Aquariums, Homes, Offices, and More

If you are looking for a custom, high quality aquatic system, we are the experienced professionals that can take your aquarium to the next level. Our team of professionals can design, set up, and maintain any water environment from public aquariums to residential and commercial.

We also offer professional consulting services to a variety of industries. Our professional team and network offer each client an extensive knowledge of everything aquatic from building full aquaculture and aquatic research laboratories to television and movie sets, and retail establishments.

Fluid Dynamics International Will Design and Build Public Aquariums

Our talented network is made up of a highly skilled builder team in addition to super intelligent biologists, allowing us to build both large and small public aquariums throughout the country and around the world.
We know the importance of creating awe-inspiring displays at public places like zoos and aquariums to attract tourists, delight visitors, and enable aquatic research.

Fluid Dynamics International can handle all things aquatic from designing proper LSS systems, to brand new displays, entire building layouts, aquarium cleaning services, and forming various protocols and logistics. We are pleased to assist you with sourcing even the most outrageous aquatic species offered from anywhere in the world. We create high-performance public aquariums that run smoothly and efficiently.

Decades of Expertise In Aquatic Design and Installation

Fluid Dynamics International provides the utmost in professionalism, building fully custom, and the highest quality of aquatic systems that are consistently ethically sourced, visually impressive, and attention-grabbing. Our work is backed by more than 70 years of combined aquatic industry experience so each client can expect to receive a top-quality result. Our goals include providing the best sea animal well-being for residential, commercial, and public aquariums that run reliably for many years to come.

Our Aquatic Passion Can Be Seen In All Of Our Work

Our years of experience aquarium servicing and great reputation among industry experts has led us to be regarded as a leading, high-end aquarium firm based out of New York. At Fluid Dynamics International, we specialize in fully custom aquatic design, installation, and maintenance of stunning aquatic displays. We are proud to provide the world with our breathtaking aquariums that continually impress all who witness our aquatic majesty.

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Professional Artisans and Craftsmen

Our team is cleverly masterful, a collaborative ensemble of aquatic professionals who are compassionate for the design as well as the health of the aquarium inhabitants. True artisans and highly trained technicians take great pride in creating dramatic aquatic displays from natural simplicity to intrinsically artistic and custom.

We are experts in all aspects of aquatic system design and aquarium service, so we look forward to working with you to help you accomplish your aquarium goals. We can work with you whether you desire a small sea life display and interactive exhibits, a touch tank, or a million-gallon aquarium displaying larger sea creatures, sea turtles, adorable sea lions, a moray eel, or even an eye-catching whale shark.

Our Professional Consulting Goes Beyond Homes and Commercial Locations

Throughout the years, we at Fluid Dynamics International have built an impressive team and network, providing expert consultation to a variety of industries. We enjoy providing expert guidance and honest advice to all clients looking to create powerful, eye-catching aquariums.

Our professional consulting services have included aquatic assistance on major motion picture movies, state-of-the-art lab facilities, retail locations, and more. Our professional team and network are available to work on your projects, big or small, and will be pleased to discuss your project goals and answer all questions.

We Take Your Aquarium Vision To The Next Level

At Fluid Dynamics International, we enjoy hearing about what each client sees as the overall aquarium. Our skilled artisans will take that vision and ultimately create a one-of-a-kind water creation that will “wow” all who witness the impactful and colorful vision. From a small home aquarium to large public aquariums, Fluid Dynamics International can design, create, install, and maintain. Our creations are a visual delight.

Call Fluid Dynamics International So We Can Bring Your Aquatic Vision to Life

Even if you have an out of the box idea for a water environment that is truly unique, we’d like to help you with your aquatic project. Remember, we offer our clients a combined 70 years of aquarium experience. This includes the development of custom aquatic habitats, both for a commercial and a residential aquarium in the United States.

We are highly trusted experts, based out of New York, that enjoy impressing and exceeding the expectation of clients from around the country. Our artistic custom design, high-tech installation, skillful maintenance, and diligent assistance to get an aquarium opened. ​

Schedule your consultation and quote today. Our talented staff look forward to creating your dramatic and awe-inspiring residential display or custom aquatic public aquarium.