CB F2 Premnas biaculeatus Ultra Grade (Lightning Maroon Clown)


The Lightning Maroon Clown, Premnas biaculeatus, is one of the most visually impressive clown fish out there. This particular species is captive bred and tank raised. The Lightning Maroon Clown is without a doubt one of the rarest fish to have the chance to enter the tanks of hobbyists in some years. After just one look at this specimen it becomes clear why it is so sought after – its branding is incredibly flashy (in a good way) and unlike any other fish. It is a rare opportunity to have the chance to buy one of these beautiful fish.

The Lightning Maroon Clown is, like most other clownfish, a relatively easy fish to care for with the captive bred specimens being even most accustomed to surviving in the tank environment – this species was born and raised in the tank. If introduced at the same time this fish can be kept with other captive bred clownfish. As an aggressive eater, the Lightning Maroon Clown will eat most frozen meaty foods as well as herbivore diets. If you are able to get a fish of this rarity and quality into your tank, the Lightning Maroon Clown’s hardiness will allow it to be a staple member of your tank.



Care: Moderate
Behavior: Social But May Be Aggressive Towards Other Clowns
Diet: Frozen Live Food
Habitat: Reef
Light: Medium

Feeding: Though these fish will accept live feeds such as small grass shrimp, they have been raised mainly on LRS frozen foods.