CB F1 Gramma dejongi (Cuban Basslet)



Due to the embargo, wild specimens of this fish are still illegal here in the U.S. without a permit, but we are the only legally authorized source for these offspring. With their striking gold and purple coloration Gramma dejongi is one of the most beautiful fish in this group. Each has a unique purple pattern that makes them one of a kind as well as identifiable as individuals in groups.

Behavior: Peaceful and somewhat shy, these grammas won’t cause any problems. Ensure they have caves or hiding places so they feel secure. They do well in small groups.



Care: Moderate
Behavior: Social
Diet: Diet Frozen Food Frozen Live Food
Habitat: Habitat Reef Reef
Light: Medium

Feeding: Though these fish will accept live feeds such as small grass shrimp, they have been raised mainly on LRS frozen foods.