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How To Raise a Betta Fish From a Pet Fish Store Near Me in Wantagh, NY

Humans are friendly creatures; we like to have others around us. Sometimes, we want to have many friends and family members by our sides. Other times, we want our faithful animal friend. We want to be around others, whether they’re humans or animals. And when many want to buy a pet, they go to an aquarium shop in Wantagh, NY.

How many times have you looked up “sea life aquarium services?” Then, how many times have you gone to an aquarium service? Walking around a store full of fish is almost magical. There are many types of fish to choose from, and betta fish are among the most amazing fish you can see. Many people have ventured into the journey of owning betta fish; do you want to join them?

You should learn a few things before going to a Nassau County store to buy your first betta fish. Betta fish aren’t like other fish; they need special care. Keep reading below so Fluid Dynamics International can tell you everything you need to know about raising a betta fish.

Benefits of Owning a Fish

Maybe you aren’t sold on buying a fish from an aquarium shop in Wantagh, NY. Why should you choose a fish over a cat or dog? There are many benefits of owning a fish that Fluid Dynamics International can explain.

Watching a fish swim around in water is therapeutic. There’s a good reason why many doctor’s offices will have fish tanks in their waiting rooms. Waiting to see a doctor is stressful, so they choose these therapeutic animals to help you relax. For this reason, owning a fish can help you lower your blood pressure, reduce your heart rate, reduce your stress levels, and lower your anxiety.

Also, having a fish can help improve your sleep. It’s almost like counting sheep, but all you have to do is turn off your brain and watch your fish swim. Lowering your stress and anxiety levels can bring many benefits to your mental health, allowing you to have a higher quality of life. With all these benefits, who wouldn’t want to start searching for “a pet fish store near me” immediately?

What Is a Betta Fish?

While you now know the benefits of owning a fish, which one should you choose? May Fluid Dynamics International suggest a betta fish? The betta fish is otherwise known as the Siamese fighting fish, and you can easily recognize them when you walk into a pet store in Nassau County. As you walk to the fish section, turn your eyes away from the tanks. You should see cups of water with brightly colored fish swimming inside. Those are the betta fish.

Many consider betta fish to be the most colorful fish in the world, making them perfect for your at-home aquarium. If you want a gorgeous fish with a lifespan of 3-4 years, the betta fish is perfect for you.

What Kind of aquarium cleaning services Do You Need?

While pet stores often sell these magnificent fish in small cups, are they suitable for a betta fish? Even after many people buy these fish from a Wantagh, NY store, they place them in aesthetic vases. After all, nothing is more fun than watching a fish swim around in a vase.

Are these aquariums large enough to let a betta fish live a long, happy life? You should never choose a tank smaller than 3 gallons, while many recommend going with a 5-gallon tank for your betta fish. That’s bigger than your average flower vase.

Fishbowl Myths

But the fishbowl or vase is cute; surely, if pet stores in Nassau County sell bettas in cups, you can put your betta in a fishbowl. Why would pet stores sell them if you shouldn’t put your fish in them? And if they can’t survive in a fishbowl or vase, why did we believe they could?

Betta fish are special because they don’t require air pumps. In fact, these fish can survive in oxygen-depleted environments; they can come to the surface of the water and gulp air. This is unlike other fish, which use their gills to get air from the oxygen in the water.

Therefore, many believed that betta fish could survive in small, weird locations since they don’t require the whole setup that most fish do. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t need space to swim around. While betta fish don’t need an air pump, they still need a tank large enough for them to enjoy.

Build the Best Tank

Even though you can’t have a small tank that adds to your home’s aesthetic, you can make your betta fish’ tank pretty. However, betta fish also like minimal decorations in their tank, especially if the decorations cause a lot of clutter. So while you can include live or plastic plants, you should ensure your betta fish has enough room to swim around. If you add a few plants and the tank has a lot of empty space, you can add more decor. Just ensure you add decor without sharp edges that can harm your fish.

You can choose either an acrylic or glass aquarium. Also, betta fish like warm environments, so their water needs to stay between 72-82 degrees Fahrenheit. And, like humans, betta fish need light (artificial or natural) during the day and darkness at night.

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Know Your Betta Fish Is Healthy

Everyone wants their pet to live a happy, healthy life, but how do you know your betta fish is healthy? If your fish is brightly colored, has unfrayed fins, swims fast, and acts aggressively toward you or other external stimuli, your fish is healthy.

Some red flags include appetite loss, elevated scales, lethargy, white growths on its body or mouth, labored breathing, and frayed fins. If you notice something wrong with your fish, ensure it lives in optimal conditions with the right temperature, pH, and chemical levels in the water. If its tank looks fine, consult with a veterinarian.

Betta fish are magical creatures, and if you take care of them, you can enjoy their company for many years. So don’t buy a small fishbowl from a Nassau County aquarium store and assume it will hold your fish.

Call Fluid Dynamics International at 631-208-5302 if you want the perfect tank for your new betta fish. As long as you choose a tank large enough for your fish, you can reap the benefits of owning a fish for years to come. When you need to search for “a great pet fish store near me,” look for us.

Some information about Wantagh, NY

Wantagh is a hamlet and census-designated place (CDP) in the Town of Hempstead in Nassau County, on Long Island, New York, United States. The population was 18,871 at the time of the 2010 census.

The Wantagh area was inhabited by the Merokee (or Merikoke) tribe of the Metoac Indians prior to the first wave of European settlement in the mid-17th century. The Merokee were part of the greater Montauk tribe that loosely ruled Long Island’s Native Americans. Wantagh was the sachem (chief) of the Merokee tribe in 1647, and was later the grand sachem of the Montauk tribe from 1651 to 1658. The Dutch settlers came east from their New Amsterdam colony, and English settlers came south from Connecticut and Massachusetts settlements. When the English and Dutch settled their competing claims to Long Island in the 1650 treaty conducted in Hartford, the Dutch partition included all lands west of Oyster Bay and thus the Wantagh area. Long Island then was ceded to the Duke of York in 1663-64, but then fell back into Dutch hands after the Dutch regained New York in 1673. The Treaty of Westminster in 1674 settled the land claims once and for all, incorporating Long Island into the now-British colony of New York.

Early settler accounts refer to Wantagh as “Jerusalem”, although earlier accounts refer to the area as “Wantagh”. The creek running north-south through Wantagh, and which has been covered up in many places but is still visible between the Wantagh Parkway and the housing developments west of Wantagh Avenue, was originally the Jerusalem River. The original post office was built in 1837, for Jerusalem, but mail service from Brooklyn began around 1780. The town’s first school was established in 1790. At some time around the 1880s, Jerusalem was renamed Ridgewood, and the town’s original LIRR station was named “Ridgewood Station”. Later, Ridgewood was renamed Wantagh to avoid confusion with another town in New York State with the same name.

Wantagh, NY

George Washington rode through Jerusalem on April 21, 1790, as part of his 5-day tour of Long Island. The Daughters of the American Revolution have placed a plaque on Hempstead Turnpike to commemorate Washington’s travels, which took him from Hempstead on Jerusalem Road (now North Jerusalem Road) to Jerusalem, on to Merrick Road. He then went on to head east, then circle back west on the north shore. During the Revolutionary War, British ships traveled up Jones inlet and came ashore to raid Jerusalem farms.

Learn more about Wantagh.

Map of Wantagh, NY

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