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Fish To Buy From a Tropical Fish Store in Asharoken, NY

Did you know all of the amazing benefits of owning a fish? Watching a fish swim around in its tank can help you reduce stress and anxiety, lower your blood pressure, and improve your overall quality of life. With all those benefits, why not run to a tropical fish store in Suffolk County? While many people rave about their cat or dog, fish are amazing creatures.

However, there are so many types of fish that it may feel overwhelming to choose one. Walk around a Asharoken, NY aquarium shop, and you’ll see what we mean. With so many fish, from neon fish to catfish to mollies, how can you know which one to buy?

Luckily, Fluid Dynamics International is here to guide you through your first fish-buying experience. We’ll discuss some of the best pet fish and why your aquarium will benefit from them. Without further ado, here are the fish to buy from a tropical fish store in Suffolk County.


The first fish on Fluid Dynamics International’s list is the molly. Mollies are great fish because they can survive in both freshwater and saltwater. Also, these fish are hardy and not very aggressive, making them perfect for beginners starting their aquarium. They are also available at almost any tropical fish store in Asharoken, NY.

Mollies are also helpful at keeping your tank clean because they eat algae. Mollies mostly survive off a plant-based diet. So ensure you include plenty of live plants in the tank for them to nibble on.


The next fish on our list is a colorful freshwater fish: the guppy. Guppies can come in many radiant colors, making them gorgeous additions to your aquarium. Like mollies, you can also find guppies at almost any aquarium shop in Suffolk County, making them easy beginner pets.

If you want a low-maintenance fish with an easy-going temperament, you should choose a guppy. However, remember that guppies can breed easily, so keep male and female guppies separate.

Neon Tetra

You can recognize any freshwater fish by its gorgeous, vibrant colors; the neon tetra is no different. This fish is popular among beginners for many reasons: its beauty is unmatched, and it’s small, often only an inch long.

Remember that neon tetras are schooling fish, so you will want to have multiple in one tank. To keep them happy, you should keep them in large groups of at least six fish. Feeding a group of neon tetra fish is easy, as all you need are fish flakes. If you want to start with more than one fish, stop at a tropical fish store in Asharoken, NY, and buy some neon tetra fish.

Betta Fish

Betta fish are gorgeous, brightly colored fish; however, many often misunderstand them. Be wary if you choose a betta as a beginner, as betta can be aggressive fish. So don’t choose a betta if you want to have a large aquarium full of fish.

When you go to your Suffolk County aquarium store, you may be surprised that the betta fish are separate from the other fish. Many pet stores don’t keep them in tanks but little cups. That may trick you into believing that you can put betta fish in small tanks. However, that isn’t the case.

Many recommend putting your betta fish in a tank at least 5 gallons large. These fish don’t need an air pump since they can come to the surface to breathe air, but you should still give them enough room to swim around. Consider getting a betta if you want to start with a smaller tank and only one fish.


There are several types of barbs, with the most popular being the cherry and tiger barbs. Cherry barbs are the best for beginners. Much like the neon tetras, barbs are schooling fish that do best with at least six other fish of their kind in the tank.

However, barbs are semi-aggressive, so you may want to focus only on barbs as a beginner. While you can introduce other types of fish later on, consider only purchasing barbs at first.


The next fish on our list that you can purchase at a Asharoken, NY tropical fish store is danios. They are one of the hardiest freshwater fish, making them perfect for people learning how to care for aquarium fish. They are also active fish, so you can enjoy watching them swim around for hours.

One popular type of danios is the zebra danios. These cute fish have black and white stripes going down their bodies like a zebra.


While the final fish on our list may surprise you, the cory catfish is a perfect addition to your aquarium (although these are schooling fish, so you should have a few). Cory catfishes aren’t aggressive, meaning they can live happily with many other fish. The best part is that they stay close to the ground, eating excess food, plant matter, and other things that get into the gravel. This can help keep your tank clean for longer.

Should You Mix Fish?

While all these fish are amazing, should you go to a Suffolk County aquarium shop and buy them all? While you can mix many fish species, you shouldn’t try that as a beginner. You need to understand the fish you have and the temperament of the fish you want to add. Aggressive fish don’t always do well with other types of fish, so hold off on buying all the fish on this list.

Once you feel more advanced, there are other great aquarium fish that are harder to care for. Some of these fish include the tiger barb, angelfish, red-tailed shark, and koi. Consider some of these once you feel prepared to take on some harder-to-care-for fish.

What Is the Best Tank For Your Fish?

No matter which type of fish you choose, you need a tank that will fit it comfortably. When looking at tanks in a Asharoken, NY aquarium store, consider how many fish you plan on buying and how large they will get. Smaller fish can have a smaller tank, but make sure they have enough room to swim around contently.

To learn more about the perfect tank for your new fish, call Fluid Dynamics International at 631-208-5302. Becoming a fish owner is exciting, but ensure you work with the best so you can give your fish the best life possible.

Some information about Asharoken, NY

Asharoken is a village in Suffolk County, New York in the United States. The population was 654 at the 2010 census. The ZIP code is 11768.

The Village of Asharoken is named after Chief Asharoken, head of the Matinecocks Native American tribe which inhabited the area prior to English settlements. Chief Asharoken sold the land that is now Asharoken, Eatons Neck, and Northport to European settlers in 1656.

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